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Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's cooking this week?

Back to the weekly meal plan after being off for a bit. I hit up Pinterest for some inspiration in order to get back into the swing of things. Last night's meal was so good that it was definitely still worth mentioning! It's almost like writing something on your to-do list just so you could cross it off. 
Last Night: Salsa Verde Honey Lime Pepper Jack Chicken Enchiladas
Tuesday: Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Wild Rice Soup (and steak for Hubs)
Wednesday: Spicy Hawaiian Turkey Burgers and sweet potato fries
Thursday: Skinny Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

My KitchenAid mixer was finally broken in for the first time last week by my aunt when she was finishing Ella's birthday cake, but I used it for the first time myself today and made this yummy pumpkin bread. It came out delicious despite the fact that I didn't have any baking powder. Imagine how good it would have been if I did use all the ingredients! 

This weekend was nice, I'm as relaxed as I could be and ready to start another week. We got the entire house back to normal AND fit in lots of playtime with our girl. She is so fun these days as she does something new every day to amaze us! Aren't these two just the cutest together?
Goodnight, have a great week!
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dolce Far Ninte

Yes. It means "the sweetness of doing nothing". I think I see a new printable in my future. I'm feeling extremely content today. It's our first day in a while to be home and just do nothing. There's absolutely nothing on my agenda for today besides making a grocery list for the week (done). I've got a clear head, and now a clean home! 

Our little family has been incredibly busy over the past week. We've been spending quality time with tons of loved ones and celebrating our girl's first birthday. It's been a whirlwind of excitement and fun! Having both sets of grandparents here visiting us in our new home was just the BEST! We miss everyone already since they've all gone home by Wednesday.  The remainder of the week was spent getting the house back in order and ourselves back into a routine. Now that the weekend is finally here, I plan to spend the day doing nothing but playing with my girl and getting as many snuggles in as I can. Happy Weekend Friends! 
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's cooking this week?

We are a week away from Ella's first birthday party, there is still so much to do! There will be anywhere from 35-45 people (plus about 8-10 kids)! Stephen's parents arrive from NY tomorrow and mine will be here on Thursday. I've got the meals planned for the week but as far as the food for the party....I have not a clue. Okay, I have an idea but nothing has been finalized. I guess I better get on that NOW!
Tonight: Taco Sunday!
Monday: Pasta with leftover Sunday Sauce and salad
Tuesday: Apricot Chicken and green beans
Wednesday: Margherita Pizza and salad
Thursday: Pulled Pork with corn bread, sweet potatoes and cole slaw

We've had a busy, busy day so far. This morning we got up and out early so we could go down to Orlando for Ella's birthday photo shoot. She did great, as soon as I have the photos you know I'll be posting them. We can not wait to see them! She wanted absolutely nothing to do with smashing cake! I was surprised she wasn't at least a little curious about it, whether she wanted to eat it or not. We could hardly get her to be near the cake let alone sit and smash it. Regardless, I'm sure our photographer got plenty of good shots! Ella had a blast running around the park especially when she was barefoot. I think it tired her out a bit...
We just took this sleepy, dirty girl home, gave her a bath and she's snoozing away. I'd like to join her for a nap but there is too much party planning and house cleaning that must be done! One week to go!
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Wedding & The Zoo

I typed this out on Tuesday and never posted it amongst all the birthday festivities. Last weekend was a great one and certainly worth sharing!

Luckily we had Monday off to recoup because looking back, boy was this a busy weekend! Saturday after doing some major party planning for our girl (it's not until the 14th, we have some time) we went to a wedding. Stephen works with the sweetest girl Kristie who I adore! She got married a few weeks back in Colorado and they invited us to their celebration here in FL at her in-law's gorgeous lake house. This was quite the shindig, every detail was beautiful! The house on the lake was incredible and all of the decor was straight out of Pinterest! We had so much fun celebrating the start of Kristie and Jared's new life together! Ella had a great time too - from the golf cart ride up to the house, tearing up the dance floor, and of course hamming it up for the camera! Here are a few photos of us that I took and a few "Pinteresty" shots that I borrowed from Kristie's FB page.
On Sunday we took her to the Central Florida Zoo. Despite the "inferno-like" heat, it was a fantastic time! Ella loved the giraffes but was very leery of the llama! This whole "watching the wonder through a child's eyes thing" is legit! I could literally (said like Chris Traeger) watch Ella watch a goat for hours! I didn't get many pics but here are a few with Dada.
Great weekend, I hope this one stacks up!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ella Recaps Her First Birthday!

Hello Blogland, Ella Rose here! I turned ONE today! Since today was a very special day for me, I figured I would post some of my favorite parts about it. Everyone keeps saying how this year went by so fast, but I feel like I've been around and rocking this whole "baby thing" forever. I'm already growing up into a big girl, I even got some big girl toys today! 

I'll make this update quick so I can go get some rest. Being the Birthday Girl is exhausting!
My day started with Dada dressing me in my birthday shirt and Momma trying to pose for pictures with me. I made sure to move a lot so she didn't get any good ones. 
I had a great day at school, took a three hour nap, played and ate lots of yummy snacks. When I got home I "talked" to lots of friends and family on the phone and on the iPad. Everyone kept singing songs to me and it made me giggle. 
 Mommy taught me how to say I was one year old....she also taught me where my nose is and sometimes I mix those up!
Look at this cool new toy I got from Uncle's a Little Mermaid Little People set! Flounder is already missing. Oopsie, could he be under the couch?  Speaking of cool presents, my little friend CKW was born late last night! Mamma showed me pictures of her and I can't wait to play with her soon!
 Today was even extra special because I discovered my new favorite food - mac 'n' cheese! More please!
How fun is it to use the letter 'L'!? I started using it a lot today and even learned to say my name "Lella". Close enough. 

Wrapping paper is some seriously fun stuff! Mommy and Daddy says I will get to rip more of it when lots of people who love me come to celebrate soon at my mermaid party! 
Thanks for letting me share my day with you, and thank you everyone for the "Happy Birthdays"!
XO, "Lella Rose"