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Friday, April 18, 2014


Let's address the elephant in the blog has changed a little. Okay, a lottle! I'm less about the recipes and cooking and more about my Ella Rose. She is my world now, so naturally she's the focus of my blog! The transition started the minute I got pregnant, but lately I've been wondering if I should make an official switch. Do I change my blog or leave it as is"?!? I've decided to leave well enough alone (for now anyway) and just go with it! Here's why...
1. It still applies - Let's not be so literal! First of all we all know I've used the same spice twice (it would be impossible not to). We need to think a little deeper here, even beyond actual spices. I'm thinking more along the lines of every experience and day is different....things don't always turn out the way you's hard to plan ahead. Life unmeasured - get it? Am I  making sense?

2. I haven't thought of anything better - Believe me I've tried! Anything I've come up with so far is taken. I might consider a change if I could think of something completely creative and original. 

3. There is still some food - My weekly meal plans aren't going anywhere any time soon. Of course I will still post recipes that I want to share with you all. I do still eat, and I do still cook believe it or not! There are even a few recipes for baby food I plan to post!

4. It's a hassle - When I think about all of the steps that would be involved in a total blog overhaul I shudder. It's taken me a while to get to this point, I'm not sure I have the energy to start over. I'm not just talking about followers. Although, I'd like to think most of you would stick with me if I made an official change (no pressure or anything)! This is not a numbers game for me by any means. 

5. I just don't wanna - I'm not ready! I've grown attached to "Never The Same Spice Twice". This blog has evolved quite a bit over the past FIVE years. (A pretty big Blogiversary came and went this year and I missed it - total fail). Fun fact = It was first "A Day In The Life Of Sessy" for a while and I blogged about scrapbooking. No bueno, too boring although I do love my nickname Sessy!

When I came up with the name NTSST I fell in love. It's my blogger identity right now and I'm not prepared to give it up! I admit, a blog makeover sounds exciting and fun. For now, "ain't nobody got time for that". When it's time you will all know, but for now it's staying!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Boys Behind The Blog {Link-up #11}

It's our ELEVENTH link-up and it's a good one! We took five of your guys questions from last month. Thanks Joe, Brian, Justin, Sam and Nate! You are all so creative! Hubs answered these questions way earlier than previous months...must have been because of all the great questions. I'm glad he remembered because my brain is total mush from work! I can't wait to come home tomorrow and read all of your posts!

I'll stop complaining about work and turn it over to this guy...Happy BBB Thursday!
1. Your significant other’s blog; a blessing or a curse?
A blessing. She’s met some really good people, brought some delicious meals to our table and shared some great stories. All in all, it’s been very positive.

2. Do you read your wife's blog?
Of course. Now, I can’t say that I pop in every single day however I do catch up at least once a week to see what she’s writing about me. I mean, I have to keep some kind of tabs, right?

3. What is one thing you can do better than anyone you know?
I make a mean chicken salad sandwich; award-winning, I dare say, if such an award existed. I also have this sixth-sense for selecting produce. Need a ready-to-eat, vine-sweetened cantaloupe? How about perfectly-ripened avocados for your guacamole? I'm your guy.

4. What is your favorite TV sitcom from the 90's?
Dinosaurs. Although, the entire TGIF lineup was pretty awesome – Family Matters, Step by Step, Full House, Boy Meets World, Hanging with Mr. Cooper. Now I’m getting all nostalgic.

5. If you were opening a small business or shop, what would it be? What goods or services would you sell?
I would open a small craft brewery. Most definitely.

Now grab a button, and link up with us!
Never The Same Spice Twice
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

What's cooking this week?

Hello gorgeous Sunday morning (again)! I've got my eye on the pool. I think another pool adventure is in order! Maybe we'll actually go all the way in this time. First thing's first...
Tonight: Thai Noodle Soup (never made this last week)
Monday: Not cooking
Tuesday: Taco Braid (my own spin on something like this)
Wednesday: Creamy Artichoke Soup and steak for Hubs
Thursday: Cucumber Avocado Subs
It's been a fabulous weekend even though I'm feeling like garbage. I've got this nasty cough and I'm beyond exhausted from this past week at work as we prepare for testing. We still had a wonderful day yesterday meeting up with my Uncle Ricky who was in town for a conference. We had lunch at a place called the Copper Canyon Grill and I couldn't pass up these INSANELY DELICIOUS fish tacos! 
Ella sat in the high chair like such a big girl. I didn't even think the bring the high chair cover because last time we tried (a few weeks ago) it didn't go too well. What a difference a few weeks makes! She sat and played so nicely for about an hour! Thankfully she had this yummy magnadoodle to keep her busy!

I'm getting a little bit of a late start today but there is still a lot I'd like to accomplish. We are running low on baby food so I plan to make another giant batch of deliciousness for my babes. I've got turkey tenderloins in the crock pot for her now. Yum! Happy Sunday everyone! 
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Down By The Pool

Another first for my girl! We finally took her for her first trip down to the pool. It's crazy to me that it's taken us this long to put this cutie in her suit and stick her little toes in the water. The pool has beach entry (that's a thing, I think). It was perfect because she was able to sit and splash right at the edge! The water was a little chilly so we didn't go all the way in this time. Ella seemed to enjoy her first of MANY pool-time experiences! I thought the watermelon teether was very appropriate...and refreshing! 
We are looking into buying her a float...let me know if you have any recommendations (preferably one with a shade). 
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Ella's Seven Month Update

This happy little girl has hit seven months already! Look at all of that hair! For me that it the biggest and most noticeable change. It's still too short for a clip, but maybe in a few months?! Another major change has been how this girl gets around. She is on the move! I can't say she crawls in the traditional sense. She certainly gets where she wants to go just by lunging, and then tucking and rolling. It's quite interesting to watch. Taking photos was much easier when she wasn't as mobile!
Another major change is that she sits up now. Not only does she sit up, she is now sitting up like a pro! It's hard to believe that I only posted this video on March 17th, because she sits up now like she has been doing it for months!

At the end of this month she got an ear infection. Poor kid can't catch a break. I KNEW something wasn't right since getting back from our trip. She had been SO was rough! The Pediatrician said it was a combination of the acid reflux (she is back on the Prevacid) and an ear infection that was brewing. It's true what they say about a mother's intuition! I can't tell you how many times I said "something's up". Luckily she's back to her normal self! 

We've taken her to the park a few times, she LOVES the swing even though she hardly fits in it. This pic is from a few weeks ago when we drove down south to visit my Aunt and Uncle. She has been such a good girl with all of the traveling we have done this past month - including our NY trip. We are so proud of her. 
Thankfully this lady loves to eat. I've been introducing her to all sorts of yummy new foods I've been making for her. In the past month she has tried (and loved) peas, green beans, and even chicken! There isn't one food I could say that she dislikes. There was a freakout over peas one day at a friends house...I don't believe it was "pea-related" - she has had them since without any issues. This is the face of one satisfied baby!
We've been hearing a whole lot of "Ba-Ba" and "Ma-Ma" "Da-Da" just yet. She loves hearing her voice...lately she has also been making this funny growling sound, and screaming a lot!

Ella has been extremely playful. She still loves her vanity but I haven't been leaving it out as much since she starting pulling herself up on it. After she did a forward flip over it I decided it was time to put it away. Now her purse is becoming a favorite. She likes to empty it out, then load all of her toys back in. She still loves jumping in the jumparoo, climbing all over Daddy and I, and reading (chewing on) books!
The sleep routine was thrown a little off after our NY trip, but not too bad. It didn't take us long to get back to normal. She is going in a little earlier now because she naps less during the day. We start our nightly routine anywhere between 7:30 and 8...she usually goes down around 8:30 and sleeps until we wake her up around 6 during the week. On the weekends she sleeps until about 7:30. It's pretty nice! We have lowered her crib because this is what we see when we go in to get her. Uh-oh, she pulls herself up now! From what I hear, the fun is about to really begin! Love that little face!
Don't you want to just bite these cheeks?! They are hard to resist! Can't wait to see what the next month will bring. We are only a few days in...I've already seen so many changes! I'll have to save them for the next update. 
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