Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Little Headband Shop - Review & Giveaway

Brace yourself for the cuteness! I've got a fun little giveaway today brought to us by my girl Amy! Is it obvious that I have an obsession with headbands for my little lady? Duh! I'd love to share with you all a new favorite shop of mine called The Little Headband Shop. Not only are these headbands "totes adorbs", but Amy is the sweetest! She sent me this gorgeous vintage floral shabby headband for Ella, I'm in love with it. Not only is it pretty, it fits her so well too. I know sizing sometimes can be an issue but it was spot on for her age. It stays on all day yet doesn't leave indents in her head...score! Ella certainly attracts some extra attention when she rocks this headband. 
Aren't these the prettiest?! Drool....I'm pretty sure Ella NEEDS them all! They would be oh so perfect for a photo "sesh"! Use the code "BEMINE" for free shipping on all orders placed before midnight on Valentines Day!
Make sure you enter to win the giveaway below! Amy is giving away this teal and grey floral beauty to a lucky winner! Be sure to check out Amy's shop and Facebook page and send some love her way! 
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